A city with a rich past and an open view on the future. Bilzen has something special. Bilzen is charming and oo so cozy. I'll grab a terrace, because the weather is so nice. If you're also someone who wanted to become a detective, I'll send you to Alden - Biesen. Here you have the conspiracy, under the guidance of Joke Devynk, you look behind the perpetrator of the murder and robbery in the castle. If you'd rather discover the castle in peace and quiet, you should be here at night for Bilzen mysteries together with Jan Decleir. The castle complex that used to be built by the German knighthood is now a tourist attraction. Today I keep it on a fixe walk, it's autumn and nature has so much beauty to offer, I admire the trees with their red gold-yellow colours. If you're not so good at walking, I saw golf carts pass by here, this seems like fun.

Other fun excursions when staying at the Ruttermolen

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