Borgloon ... Who has never heard of it? It is the highest historical town in Flanders. From the castle hill, near the church and then the castle of the Counts of Loon, you can enjoy beautiful panoramas of the fruit landscape. I take the bike and ride to the charming see-through church. It's autumn and the leaves turn golden yellow and burgundy red. It's a feast for the eyes. The smell of ripe fruit hangs heavy in the air. Here I take my time to admire it. The weather influences the image every time. The sun is high, the sun rises, what clouds hang above ... the image I had yesterday is different today. A little further on in Helshoven I stop at the floating chapel to drive to the old stoop factory. There you must be, take a guide for a tour and you know how hard she used to toil here for a jar of syrup. And of course I take a jar, this regional product should not be missing from our breakfast buffet. Did you know that here also beautiful

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