Are we going to cross the language border for a while? Then we'll end up in Liège. For this I take the train, so I end up at the Liège-Guillemins train station, the most beautiful. On the first Saturday of October I walk along the Meuse towards the Buerenberg, the slope to the Citadel of Liège. This ascending street is equipped with 374 steps to bridge the difference in height. The steps are lit with about 3000 candles on the occasion of a neighbourhood party. From the steps you have a magnificent view over the city of Liège and the river Meuse. I'm now in the green lung of the city of Liège. And that's enjoying this green oasis.  

Another fact ...The Marché de la Batte in Liège is the largest market in Belgium. 3 kilometres of stalls stretch from the Quai Rossevelt to the Quai de Maastricht. Every Sunday morning there are 500 stalls of 350 merchants along the Meuse, where you can buy everything you can think of. You will find clothing, antiques, rubbish, animals but also fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants and specialities from different countries. On top days, more than 100,000 visitors come to the Marché de la Batte. Now it is one of the largest, if not the largest, markets in Europe. Definitely a must! Speaking of shopping, there are super many nice shops in town, from cheap to expensive. If you are looking for boutiques with expensive branded clothing, you should be in the Centre Carré and in Galeris St-Lambert. The most popular shopping centre of Galeries St. Lambert is on Place Saint Lambert here and you can find the famous fashion shops. Médiacité is another large shopping centre in Lui

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